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Maz and Bricks

By Eva O'Connor (2023)

Et Tu Theatre presents the Australian premiere of Maz and Bricks by Eva O'Connor.

Maz is on her way to a pro-choice protest in Dublin. Bricks wants to spend time with his young daughter, if his ex will let him. Their opposite views clash on public transport but as the day goes on, a bond forms between them.


What follows is a funny, heartfelt and lyrical exploration of life, death, family, attraction and a city ripe for change in 2017.


Written by award-winning Irish writer and performer Eva O’Connor, Maz and Bricks has been praised by audiences across Ireland, the UK and off-Broadway.


Et Tu Theatre’s production is the Australian premiere of this must-see show.

"...almost perfect and unmissable piece of deeply moving drama"
– Sunday Independent 

"particularly timely… excruciatingly funny… powerful"
– Irish Independent 

Creative team

Writer: Eva O'Connor

Director: Sean Bradney-George

Maz: Amy Bradney-George

Bricks: Seton Pollock


Creative development (2020-2021)


The vision for this Othello was centred on a question Et Tu co-founder Amy asked Seton in 2019: "What if Othello was a woman and Iago was a straight, white man?"

Originally, we had planned the show for 2020 and got as far as casting and pre-production. Then the coronavirus lockdowns in Melbourne happened and we cancelled the show.

In February 2021, director David Meadows proposed that we produce Othello at Alex Theatre - St Kilda, where he was artistic director. We agreed, and contacted the actors originally cast, along with some new actors for roles we needed to fill.

As the coronavirus restrictions continued through 2021, the creative team working on Othello were busy workshopping and creating an amazing show. We developed new ways of working over Zoom, even blocking the show, with support and guidance from director David Meadows and production and stage manager Kelly Wilson. We were also supported by Allan Rendell and the wider team at The Alex Theatre.

As the show was designed for live performance, and scheduling and logistics made that uncertain at the time, this production remained a workshop.


By Bryony Lavery (2019)

Copy of Stockholm_1200x1120 (2)_edited.j

Stockholm syndrome usually brings to mind hostage situations, such as the Swedish bank heist in the 70s that created this term. But what if Stockholm syndrome was played out at home, between people that love each other?

What happens when romantic phrases like “you are my world” or “I need you” become literal? 

These are the questions explored in Stockholm by Bryony Lavery. The award-winning UK playwright collaborated with renowned physical theatre company Frantic Assembly to create a play that has been described as "terrifyingly erotic and haunting" (The Guardian, UK 2007).

The captivating blend of truthful theatre and surreal physicalisation is what drew the founders of Et Tu, Amy Bradney-George and Seton Pollock, to this play.


" will not walk away unaffected."

– Tricia Ziemer, Weekend Notes

" ambitious and tightly wound examination of intimacy and what goes on behind closed doors."

 – Jordan Irving, Milk Bar Magazine

"In his director’s note for this Et Tu Theatre production, Carl Whiteside says the challenge was to find why Todd and Kali stay. “Why doesn’t one of them end it? Do they actually want to end it?” Bradney-George and Pollock have done a good job treading that fine line and making us think about what is and what should be."

– Alex First, The Blurb

Creative team

Writer: Bryony Lavery

Director: Carl Whiteside

Fight director: Joshua Bell

Movement director: Shamita Sivabalan

Kali: Amy Bradney-George

Todd: Seton Pollock

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