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Australian Premiere

Maz and Bricks

By Eva O'Connor

Et Tu Theatre presents the Australian premiere of Maz and Bricks by Eva O'Connor.

Maz is on her way to a pro-choice protest in Dublin. Bricks wants to spend time with his young daughter, if his ex will let him. Their opposite views clash on public transport but as the day goes on, a bond forms between them.


What follows is a funny, heartfelt and lyrical exploration of life, death, family, attraction and a city ripe for change in 2017.


Written by award-winning Irish writer and performer Eva O’Connor, Maz and Bricks has been praised by audiences across Ireland, the UK and off-Broadway.


Et Tu Theatre’s production is the Australian premiere of this must-see show.

"...almost perfect and unmissable piece of deeply moving drama"
– Sunday Independent 

"particularly timely… excruciatingly funny… powerful"
– Irish Independent 

CONTENT WARNING: This production contains some references to sensitive topics including sexual abuse, abortion and suicide. Please contact us if you want further details.

Production details

29 September – 8 October 2023
The Studio
Bellingen Memorial Hall

Creative team

Director: Sean Bradney-George

Maz: Amy Bradney-George

Bricks: Seton Pollock

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